Darkstead Trailer

October 03, 2021 Gibb Smith Productions Season 1 Episode 0
Darkstead Trailer
Show Notes

 The remote town of Darkstead is not like other places. There are strange rules, magical inhabitants and a lot of bones appearing at the forest perimeter.  When a spiteful local woman disappears under mysterious circumstances, it’s up to a jaded vampire detective and his over-eager new recruit to find her.

Pilot launching October 15 2021...

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Shondar McKinney as The Narrator
Marc Rico Ludwig as Detective Nathaniel Silver
Gianni Sallese as Officer Ray Marshall & Radio Host 1
Keisha Wong as Bernice
Aiden Cumming-Teicher as Sheriff Ike
Micah Heemstra as Kirk Willard
Jackie Jorgenson as Dana the Troll & Radio Host 2
Christopher Van as Ang the Werewolf
Lucy Gibb-Smith as Reverend Odessa

Sound effects from freesound.org
Written & Directed by Lucy Gibb-Smith
Music & Sound engineering by Michael Bowerman
Produced by Gibb Smith Productions