6. A Moo Point

December 05, 2022 Gibb Smith Productions Season 1 Episode 6
6. A Moo Point
Show Notes

Tensions run at an all time high, Ray makes headway on his secret investigation and Silver reconnects with Rosario.  

This week we want to share the trailer for The Dex Legacy audiodrama! A magnificent piece of work. Be sure to check them out at www.thedexlegacy.com or listen by searching The Dex Legacy on your favourite podcast app  :)

Darkstead episode 6 (A Moo Point) was written & directed by Lucy Gibb-Smith


Shondar McKinney as The Narrator & Unicorn Sue

Marc Rico Ludwig as Detective Nathaniel Silver 

Gianni Sallese as Officer Ray Marshall & Radio Host

Keisha Wong as Bernice & Ida the Farmhand

Jackie Jorgenson as Cass Marshall & Radio Host

Christina Castañeda as Rosario Bardina

Bradford Loomis as Sheriff Ike

Micah Heemstra as Kirk Willard & Johan the Farmhand

Corbeau Sandoval as Ash

Lucy Gibb-Smith as Reverend Odessa

Sound effects from freesound.org

Sound design & audio editing by Lucy Gibb-Smith

Music & sound engineering by Mikey Hogan

Produced by Gibb Smith Productions

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